Marie Mady RCRT/IT/ECE has a background in early childhood education and psychology.
She is a former Kindergarten teacher and former Owner/Operator of a preschool for both mainstream and children with special needs.
She has dedicated over 26 years in the field of education nurturing, supporting and guiding her students and their families.
She is passionate about people and serving society in a meaningful way. It was this passion to further support her students with special needs and their families that led her down the path of holistic therapies, and in 2017 Marie became a certified Reflexologist and Integrative therapist.
Marie now blends her many years of experience and knowledge in education with holistic healing arts offering treatment sessions, workshops, and hosting conferences for various organizations.
As a Certified Reflexologist and Integrative therapist, she specialises in treating both adults and children with special needs as well as mainstream persons with various conditions. She specialises in treatment sessions focused on but NOT limited to: reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, sleep issues, ADD/ADHD, Autism and various behavioural issues. By balancing the physical, mental, emotional aspects of one’s whole body, natural healing is restored encouraged and maintained.
Clients are encouraged and guided to assume a pro-active approach based on a partnership. They are not merely participants in the process but engaged individuals taking responsibility for their sessions, healing process and overall well-being. This respectful client focused approach promotes a sense of empowerment, personal growth and strong sense of self.